• To support and assist in the successful and smooth performance of int’l freight forwarding services of the members without taking into account of benefits;
  • To promote international freight forwarding activities of the members to meet international standards;
  • To carried out for the development and expansion of international freight forwarding market;
  • To endeavor for enabling to join the int’l and regional freight forwarding service enterprises and associations and cooperation thereof;
  • To support and assist members for their successful implementation in negotiating and entering agreements for int’l freight forwarding;
  • To settle the disputes and solve the problems arising between members, or between members and non members;
  • To joint together in harmony and mutually exchange views on technical matters, information and research, related to international freight forwarding;
  • To cooperate with the Government in promoting int’l freight forwarding activities of Myanmar so that they will be on a par with world standard in conformity with the economic objectives;
  • To distribute the experiences on technical know-how and information related to int’l freight forwarding among the members;